Max updated to 5.1.4!

April 30, 2010

Max/MSP/Jitter updated to 5.1.4!

Changelog is HERE

Download: PC or MAC


Ableton 8.1.3 is out!

April 20, 2010

Ableton 8.1.3 is out!


No changelog available, cause:

“…we felt that changelogs were actually more confusing than helpful.” (link)


OR012 by F.L.O. is out now as exclusive on beatport (incl. remix by Christoph Schindling).

Its time to awake from wintersleep with some fresh music !;)
So we come around with some technoid and dubby tracks from our friend F.L.O , a german based artist ,who is kind of “well known” at the netlabel-scene …
Mr. F.L.O. is working as a truck-driver and I guess his music is really influenced by his long rides through dark and rainy nights on the road..

Artwork by Ilya Zonov, Mastering by myself.

You can listen & buy it HERE