pitch v.1 is out!

July 11, 2010

pitch – my new variable quality pitch shifting plugin is out now!

“pitch” is  based on pfft~/gizmo~ objects with variable fft-size and overlap settings.

You can choose between 8 different fft-windows (from 8192 to 64) and 4 overlaps (8 to 1), so you can define the quality of pitching by yourself. Remember, if you raise the fft-size the signal will be delayed by the number of fft samples (for example if you use SR of 44,1 Khz you’ll have delay of 92 ms using 4096 fft-window). If you are not familiar with all the fft stuff you can read a nice manual HERE.
Generally you shall use 2048 window and 4-overlap to got the cleanest pitching with smallest delay (in opposite if you need a real destruction use very small fft with 1-2 overlap).

You can use both the dial (with your own min/max values) or the number box below to pitch. All values will be saved with your project!

Have fun and please report any bugs!

Get it HERE or from my FTP


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