Ableton 8.1.1 is out!

December 30, 2009

Ableton 8.1.1 is out!




mod.del v.1

December 26, 2009

mod.del v.1 –  single stereo delay line plugin for max for live with advanced delay time modulation is out!

You can set own limits for all customizable dials except feedback and duty cycle (both can have values between 0. and 1.). LFO has 5 waveforms: sinus, triangle, saw, square and noise with 2 different signal modes (precise and analog) and duty cycle adjustment for triangle and square. What is the difference between precise and analog mode? In precise mode all the waveforms are geometrically perfect – it means that in case of sawtooth or square (or triangle with DC=0. or 1.) the LFO will spring immediately from lowest to highest value. In some situations it will result in hard clicking – to avoid this I built-in anti-aliased analog-like waveform emulations with max objects “tri~“, “saw~” and “rect~” (click on the objects for max/msp online documentation). Visual controlling of the waveform can be done in a small oscilloscope with flexible display range.

All you settings will be 100% saved with your ableton project.

Get this plugin HERE.


December 25, 2009


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