Midi control automatisation Plugin “advanced lfo tools” updated to version 0.3!


– fixed sinus wave bug for frequencies under 1 Hz
– bpm sync added (very wide range – full tact bpm frequency *128 or /128, n=whole note)
– interface and code improvements

Get it HERE or direct from my FTP


I just got an answer to my bug report i made some days ago about routing of virtual MIDI-control signals. Nico Starke, the abletons support guy, suggests to use the virtual MIDI routing tools like IAC for mac or MidiYoke for PC and it works perfect! Here a small instruction with screenshots how i got it working on my Mac: Read the rest of this entry »

A small update for yesterdays plugin!


– direct MIDI scaling added – now you can type in the scale limits directly as a MIDI value
– new MIDI on/off toggle

Get it HERE

advanced lfo tools v.1

January 3, 2010

Plugin some people waited long time for – make your unique control automatisation with 2 LFO’s and advanced scaling features! Read the rest of this entry »